Care of Retro/Vintage Furniture Finished with Danish Oil

Care of Retro/Vintage Furniture

11th May 2015

We have been approached by customers about caring for their retro furniture.

Although the Danish oil finish is hard wearing you may want to use a gentle polish when dusting and cleaning. We recommend ‘Aristowax’ silicone free furniture spray or cream on a regular basis.

However, if you have incurred minor scratches these can sometimes be rectified with ‘Rustin’s Scratchcover’ effectively.

If for some reason a more aggressive approach is needed and the damage is deeper or staining has occurred it would then be necessary to remove the build up of polish with a product such as Rustin’s polish remover and then a couple of coats of Danish oil re-applied. We advise that you follow manufacturers instructions on the product used as they do vary slightly.

Rustins Scratchcover                                  Rustins Wax Polish Remover250ml_web   Colron Danish Oil Rustins Danish Oil                                     Liberon Danish Oil