1st Sep 2016

Is our fear of veneer really substantiated? Many of us do not realise that our furniture is indeed veneered although it may have been sold to us generically termed as oak, teak, mahogany, walnut etc. This is not I believe a deliberate intention to deceive on the seller’s behalf, more so an ignorance possibly on both the seller or buyer. The term veneer is unfortunate as it can mean to gloss over or to cover up, yet the practice of… Read More

25th Apr 2016

The Wishbone Chair is an internationally recognised design icon, and one of  Wegner’s most notable creations  (he designed over 500 chairs during the course of his life). Since it’s production began in 1950, the Wishbone Chair has been made with the same 14 parts which require 100 separate processes and approximately three weeks of preparation.  Weaving is one of the final processes of the Wishbone’s construction, which is still a hand-woven process kept in Denmark. The paper cord used for the weaving… Read More