Here at ‘Just Be Retro’ we have a passion for British and Scandinavian Mid-Century design with a particular specialism in furniture.

Our belief is Mid-Century does not improve with age and if a piece is showing its age we don’t just say ‘commensurate with age’.

Having made furniture for over 30 years we have the skills necessary to return a piece back to its former glory.

Based in Birmingham we have a well equipped workshop that can restore or tailor any piece of furniture to suit a client’s requirements.


Chances are you are looking to buy a piece of vintage furniture because you love the style or want to own something unique rather than a modern mass produced piece from the usual suspects.

By buying Vintage you are also helping the environment. A new piece of furniture uses raw materials and power to produce, it will have also traveled many miles, if it was not made on the other side of the world the materials will have been sourced there.

However by us saving/salvaging and you buying a Vintage piece we are being sustainable and we may have also saved it from going to landfill.


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